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Disabled Romance Announces Unique Dating Site Catering To Disabled Singles

A new comer to the online dating world, Disabled Romance, has announced the launch of their website, which can be located at This dating website was designed for single adults with disabilities, or for those who are positive about the disabled, to come together and find romance in one convenient location.

The website works like many other online dating sites, with the ability to create a user profile, add interests and hobbies, and search for like-minded individuals across the web. Disabled Romance sets itself apart from the competition, however, by creating a space specifically designed for people with disabilities who are looking to date. They have said the following regarding their site and how it works for users and potential singles:

“We understand that meeting new people can sometimes be a challenge when you are dealing with a disability. Whether you’re interested in making new friends, dating, or more, we are here to help.”

Disabled Romance supplies singles, not only with a chance to meet those with similar lifestyles and disabilities, but also supplies dating advice, articles with tips and tricks for dating online, success stories, and various other data which can be used to create the perfect online profile and better connect with other singles on the site.

Users can register and login for free to use Disabled Romance to find a mate; adding photographs, personal information, and even what they are looking for in a mate. Those interested in a particular age group, gender, and disability, can use the quick search tool to seek out somebody to contact.

Contacting individuals through the website is easy and convenient, with options for sending text, e-mail, winks, and cards to interesting parties. Age, gender, location, star sign, photographs and personal biography are available on each account page, and accessible through a quick search. There is also a link for sharing profiles with friends for users who are helping others in their quest for love.

Users who wish for their information to stay private on the site can leave their bios with a link for others to click, which reads, “Click here to ask me for more info.” This gives interested parties a chance to get in touch, but also guarantees the privacy of users who wish to keep their private lives to themselves.

The Disabled Romance website offers a method of online dating to disabled people from the ages of 18 to 90, giving back something that isn’t always available to people with physical and mental disabilities.

For questions and concerns regarding this press release, or for more information on Disabled Romance, please use the following contact information to get in touch:

Contact Name: James White
Phone Number: 1 (904) 657-0048